Top Twelve Services We Provide That Most Others Don’t (And there is much more)" />

Top Twelve Services We Provide That Most Others Don’t (And there is much more)

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  • 1.Compete end to end tax services – every tax requirement. We complete with our in house staff and file. We provide follow on support as needed.
  • 2. Extensive network within the hospitality industry provides you with access to additional options for sources of product and services.
  • 3.We handle vendor issues. When there is a payment or other issue they call us, not you.
  • 4. Full budgeting and standardized financial reporting. We ensure there is a clear path to the future. We also present to banks, credit institutions and hedge funds to assist in raising capital.
  • 5. Monthly call with a senior person to review financial results.
  • 6. Full support through worker’s compensation, sales tax and IRS audits. We handle it while you run your business.
  • 7. Weekly flash reporting – Every week a report is generated showing your company’s most important metrics allowing you respond immediately, not after the fact.
  • 8. Cash flow management – We project your upcoming cash requirements and assist in the selection of what can be paid to avoid any cash crisis.
  • 9. We file permits and registrations, renew insurances and look for competitive pricing.
  • 10.Monthly statement review – we find your missing invoices and ensure all payments are up to date.
  • 11. We review purchases and all expenses to ascertain if better pricing can be obtained.
  • 12. Automatic enrollment in discount and rebate programs.

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