When you say end to end back office solution, what does that include?

Author: Mock Webware |

Our definition, which goes further than most firms, encompasses bookkeeping, accounting and finance. While there is no exact segregation of responsibilities, typically: Bookkeeping consists of entering data, maintaining the general ledger, responding to vendor inquiries, and completing reconciliations. We eliminate the need for bookkeeping staff. Accounting is when the data is turned into reporting. This includes such tasks as completion and lite analysis of financial statements, cash management, credit applications complex intercompany transactions, payroll processing and tax filings. We complete all of these tasks, thereby eliminating the need for an internal accounting department. Finance is when the numbers are used to drive the business. This includes budgeting, forecasting, investor reporting, maintaining banking relationships, We eliminate the need for a finance department at larger companies and provide finance functions to smaller ones who otherwise would not have access to such services. Typically we become the CFO for smaller companies and work closely with the CFO in larger ones.

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